About the Shelley Group

The Shelley Group was founded to help people just like you successfully navigate the complicated insurance claim process.  As you can imagine, insurance companies act like machines: Your claim goes in and is put through the process with little to no personal attention. Unfortunately, this means some claims aren’t awarded as they should be. That’s where we can help. As a public insurance adjuster serving North Carolina and South Carolina, we work on behalf of you, the policy holder, to make sure your best interests are represented every step of the way.

Jeff Shelley, owner and CEO, opened The Shelley Group in 2007. Prior to starting his own business, Jeff worked as an independent adjuster representing several different insurance companies. With over 17 years’ experience in claims, Jeff’s insider knowledge gives him and his team expert level insights on insurance claims as well as the entire claims process.

Throughout his career, he’s taken pride in working FOR the consumer to make sure claims are handled in the most accurate way possible. Our family-owned business believes in taking care of our clients. If you’re facing an unsatisfactory claim settlement, don’t lose hope. We provide appraisals to give a third-party perspective on what you should be paid for your damages. Then we’ll help you file an insurance claim dispute so you can get what you rightly deserve.